(Almost) Every week I upload an episode of the Humanized Marketing Podcast. This podcast is an effort to help brands create a deep, meaningful relationship with their tribe.

My podcast episodes fall in either of the 2 categories. In the Humanized Marketing podcast, I usually talk about Humanized Marketing strategies, that help you become a Marketer who is driven by stories, empathy, connection, and trust. This podcast is for a Marketer who is looking to get better strategically. Click here to listen to the podcast episodes.

The podcast episodes which fall in the Email storytelling series, are about an Email Marketing project that I am executing. I am documenting my journey here. This podcast is incredibly helpful for anyone who is trying to build an email list… but not just any email list, but an email list of people who really care about what you have to say. Click here to listen to the podcast episodes.

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About Pranav Kale

Pranav doesn’t like robots.

At his core, Pranav is a Teacher who wants to humanize everything.

Currently, he is doing it by

  • Helping brands build meaningful Marketing strategies
  • Teaching Marketing students how to indulge in Marketing that they are proud of
  • Writing stuff which helps professionals produce work that matters

Pranav also speaks at events, indulges in a free short call for consulting and plays board games.

You can write to him at pranav@pranavkale.com

You can also enjoy his writing by visiting the blog section.

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