Humanized Marketing podcast, is a podcast for Marketers and Creators to build deep, meaningful relationships with their 1000 true fans

If you are looking for a podcast that helps you improve your landing page conversion rate from 3% to 7%… or gives you the latest insights about performance marketing, then you are going to be disappointed. 

However, if you are a Marketer…  a Creator, who believes that Marketing is all about building authentic relationships with a small audience, then you are in the right place.

An episode is released every Tuesday. 

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About Pranav Kale

Pranav doesn’t like robots.

At his core, Pranav is a Teacher who wants to humanize everything.

Currently, he is doing it by

  • Helping brands build meaningful Marketing strategies
  • Teaching Marketing students how to indulge in Marketing that they are proud of
  • Writing stuff which helps professionals produce work that matters

Pranav also speaks at events, indulges in a free short call for consulting and plays board games.

You can write to him at pranav@pranavkale.com

You can also enjoy his writing by visiting the blog section.

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