My name is Pranav, and I am sometimes shy and introvert… but almost always good at putting emotion whatever form of Marketing I participate in.

I respect data. But numbers and excel sheets bore me. Stories fascinate me.

With high hopes, I started my journey of becoming an Engineer in 2006. I barely managed to get through. There is an interesting story about that here


So anyway…

Businesses need to sell their products and their services. I get it. But it seems that all of that is a by-product. It is a by-product of ‘Meaningful relationships’. Without relationships with their tribe, a business can hardly go anywhere. It is no surprise that legends like Kevin Kelly and Seth Godin talk about the importance of building your first 1000 fans. 

But it is easier said than done. Building relationships is hard. Earning Trust is not easy. It needs consistency, time and also the right intentions.

And I find this challenge fascinating.

I am a firm believer that a brand can create deep relationships with the people it seeks to serve, by telling stories that matter, by showing empathy and mostly by being human.

About Pranav Kale

Pranav doesn’t like robots.

At his core, Pranav is a Teacher who wants to humanize everything.

Currently, he is doing it by

  • Helping brands build meaningful Marketing strategies
  • Teaching Marketing students how to indulge in Marketing that they are proud of
  • Writing stuff which helps professionals produce work that matters

Pranav also speaks at events, indulges in a free short call for consulting and plays board games.

You can write to him at pranav@pranavkale.com

You can also enjoy his writing by visiting the blog section.

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